Sign inNo Account?Create new one! Reaction Gifs tagged Gladiator. Gladiator Thumbs Down This is an animated gif of Commodus from "Gladiator" (played by Joaquin Phoenix) giving a thumbs down. 427 views #Joaquin Phoenix. Disapprove #joaquin phoenix. Post navigation. Judge Judy Shake My Head Gif . Find Reaction Gifs. re: What's with the "Thumbs-down" Roman Gladiator Dem drama? The famous “thumbs down” gesture probably didn’t mean death. What is a reaction gif? 428 views. Downvoting Roman / Commodus Thumbsdown is an Advice Animal style image macro series featuring a stillshot of actor Joaquin Phoenix as Emperor Commodus in the 2000 epic film Gladiator. _premium Browse GIFs Popular Create a GIF Extras Pictures to GIF YouTube to GIF Facebook to GIF Video to GIF ... Caesar gives thumbs down Gladiator style... 3053. gladiator thumbs down #joaquin phoenix. Upload, customize and create the best GIFs with our free GIF animator! See it. The GIF create by Sharpweaver. Posted in No Tagged Commodus Gladiator Joaquin Phoenix Thumbs Down. 577 views. youre f****d #joaquin phoenix. About. Size 320 x 240px. Thumbs Down (Gladiator) Thumbs Down (Gladiator) No, Commodus, Gladiator, Joaquin Phoenix, Thumbs Down. Oprah SMH No Gif . Movies #joaquin phoenix. Meme Status Confirmed Year 2011 Origin Reddit Tags reddit, gladiator, downvote, commodus, thumb down, joaquin phoenix, russel crowe, reaction image Additional References Meme Generator. Download most popular gifs … Posted by JackieTreehorn on 10/26/20 at 7:04 pm to BlueDogTiger It’s October 26th 2020 and McCain is still dead. Share it. Discover & share this No GIF with everyone you know. Open & share this gif gladiator, reaction, thumbs down, with everyone you know. Email This BlogThis! 533 views #Joaquin Phoenix. Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Sideways for Romans; Latin Phrase Meaning; Signals from the Editor : Pollices premere or presso pollice: The "pressed thumb." A reaction gif is a physical or emotional response that is captured into an animated gif. 358 views. With your own account you will be able to gain points, see how many times your posts are seen and comment under all gifs. If a gladiator was seriously wounded or threw down his weapon in defeat, his fate was left in the hands of the spectators. 405 views #joaquin phoenix. Joaquin Phoenix Thumbs Down Reaction Gif In Gladiator << Obama Is Not Amused Reaction Gif << Previous I’m Not Into This Reaction Gif By Kate >> Next >> Comments Disapproving Gifs . GIF it. A reaction gif is a physical or emotional response that is captured into an animated gif. thumbs-down gladiator gif #joaquin phoenix. Fry Melting (Futurama) Faceplant (Star Wars AT-AT) Sign in to ReactionGifs. This can be used as a reaction for whenever somebody says or posts something that you disapprove of. Find Reaction Gifs. Share a GIF and browse these related GIF searches Share a GIF and browse these related GIF searches russell crowe joaquin phoenix thumbs down movies commodus What is a reaction gif? 574 views #Joaquin Phoenix. 592 views. Commodus GIF,Gladiator GIF,Joaquin Phoenix GIF,Thumbs Down GIF. The thumb and fingers are squeezed together, meaning "mercy" for a downed gladiator. Share … Pollex infestus: The "hostile thumb." 314 views The best GIFs for gladiator.