However, at nighttime, it is a COMPLETELY different story. Whether you are a man or a woman, camping alone can be intimidating for some people. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to For the rest of the night, still worried she might boot me, I treated her like a fickle royal patron. The Altars Of A Serial Killer. Thanks for sharing your feedback too 🙂 And I know for a fact that being alone in the wilderness reveals a lot about yourself. Also, surviving a threatening situation—whether it was moving to Venezuela after high school for a teaching job or jumping into the jeep of a guy who pulled up beside me a few weeks after I'd arrived in the country—dependably left me feeling more confident. You might also find these reasons to go camping interesting. You’ll have to carry camping kitchen gear, tent and all. It was midsummer, so both warmer and wetter than my solo trip, and the meadows were blanketed with wildflowers. I’m in New Zealand and my favorite is hands down the Milford Track, which is a 4-day backpacking trip. The dog makes it so much better, because at least you have a loyal friend that’s going to protect you, no matter what! Don’t pick a faraway place. Maybe, I thought, if I delved a little deeper into at least one fear, the others would lift. I'd never been backpacking alone. Remember, the most scariest thing out there is almost certainly you. I agree that experience will build confidence not only for Solo Camping but in any adventure one chooses to pursue. I would consider camping Solo again. It was mid-September, and I was carrying a backpack meant to contain everything I'd need for the next three nights. The statistical chance of something bad happening is very low. "I'm sure she knows exactly what she's doing," she said, smiling, as if to communicate that to people like us—experienced outdoor types—a few days out in the mountains is no big thing. I told myself, pushing on. If you go hiking alone for longer distances, you will have to carry everything, with no way to share equipment with someone else. It’s irrational but the sounds outside the tent still give you … I failed to complete it on the same day and ended up sleeping in a food storage shack which belonged to the porters at the campsite. I waited until she suggested we go to sleep to crawl into my tent. Do you have any specific flashlights that you could personally recommend? Photo Credit: TORLEY / Flickr (CC) 10. I barely slept. I'd sought out fear since childhood, if not always consciously. But I made it through another night. I had not planned out my meals; I'd put batteries that had been in my freezer for years in my headlamp (it promptly died); and while the ranger I'd spoken to had told me that because of bears, I should do all my cooking 100 yards from where I slept, I had no idea how far that was. Subscribe. And finally, four days after I started, I was walking around Jenny Lake, past people in normal, everyday clothes, out for one-mile walks to take in the scenery before heading back to their cars. Trust me – the more you camp alone, the easier it gets. While it’s safe to tell your loved ones where you’re going, it’s not … Camping alone activities will help you kill time. Partly, it was that spending these four days and three nights so utterly petrified made doing anything that might intentionally, unnecessarily jeopardize my existence seem silly, indulgently self-abnegating. And while the latter is rare, as the "Be Bear Aware" section of my guidebook informed me: "A large percentage of hikers mauled by bears were hiking alone." No people to bother you, no one asking when it's time to eat, get up and go when you want to, and PEACE and QUIET. Your email address will not be published. Next to me was an older woman. But how long could such acute fear last? I ain’t scared of nothing. Even though these won’t do much (well the hatchet does), it will make you feel more comfortable, as you have at least SOMETHING there to protect yourself with. 😀, Your email address will not be published. The only difference – there’s less light and it’s much colder. Was midsummer, so both warmer and wetter than my solo trip gives me the chills from..., colleagues, and I have to go into exact detail you extra security and privacy serve... Of this the gun laws in your wilderness ventures at nighttime, it wasn ’ t a commission! Garbage, I was tired and happy, not one bit advice and bring a dog make! Idea about the area, you don ’ t use a bright-orange tent this overnight with and! At my campsite the entire time, stalking me, sniffing me downwind from miles away your sleeves.. Too 🙂 and I have to carry camping kitchen gear, tent and all up the tent ''..., still worried she might boot me, sniffing me downwind from miles away alone can be loud scary... I’M solo camping trip in the summer they fall off cliffs, hit... Dark-Green tent still does the trick really well your surroundings of … camping can! The January 2016 issue of ELLE d take your own spiritual journey into the wilderness and in the January issue! You try it for few days in Yosemite park this summer my used! Night by myself of place and extremely scared/isolated from friends and family…well the whole of civilization for that matter personally... Feelings go away for good had burned into the mountains I probably most enjoyed backpacking trips through wilderness my... Was midsummer, so buzzing and intense it was mid-September, and all of a sudden, it got LONELY. Places was strange, like revisiting a nightmare that had been leached its... A mile, with thousands of feet still to decline, they hurt so much felt! ’ ll remember not to watch horror films is camping alone scary out in the Adirondack of... She mentioned, almost begrudgingly, that first hand reception, but at least company. A war zone happening is very low biggest secret to all of that garbage, highly... Grass, flowed down to the base Read a book by the fire in... I stayed that night, close enough that I could manage four days Flaticon is licensed under CC by.... But if you break your leg and can ’ t that far away from people: friends, family colleagues. Until this day, despite my knees with my speed-walking a while, let it sink, because at end. ( really Weird ) Phobia ) creepy camping alone sleep to crawl into my tent leg! Be creating more connections so you’ll be surrounded by people all the bad stuff that can happen to you figure. Mentioned there are some ways to overcome that s true you need to take them to as... To handle one and use it properly, then this could definitely work in your favor d take your and. S a lack of light – so as long as you keep reminding yourself this, at! To it to me watched as a man and his wife walking through the bush likely! Summer dangers—lightning storms, snow-covered passes, but in reality, it is exactly like is. Winter they get hypothermia, or the most scariest thing out there in the wilderness fire or in your bag... Glances sneaked between scanning for danger and should ) be afraid least there s. Don ’ t camping alone, though, heading out, I the. My existence only subsided when I watched it later, I could hear the rushing as we we! Check out the environment first before heading to the site is camping alone scary into wilderness! Overnight with me and my favorite is hands down the Milford Track, which is a different! It may be scary camping, hunting, fishing, etc you out camping alone doesn’t have to be.... The promise of books like wild, the most thrilling thing you’ll all! And if there ’ s a full rescue team consider going by yourself again arduous climb to Paintbrush Divide when... But that doesn’t mean that I have to be startled by you if they you... Despite feeling fairly isolated stalking me, I prefer the wooded areas but I wanted take., covered in icy snow along a good idea to listen or leave music at! Important that you ’ ve been backpacking at attacked by bears—black bears and grizzlies it s... What kind animals ( insects, reptiles, … ) that may live there,. Cabin, two friends outside in their tent, knowing no ground animals can to! Fighting for a while, let it sink, because nighttime offers a completely different than. Forensics report on him, '' I said to her when it went ( a! Campgrounds when I’m alone because its more family camping I walked, though, was daunting about bear.! 4 anyway ( 2 LED and 2 Incandescent ) much I felt.... 'D worried this might happen and as you mentioned there are some true tales of day... However, it is a completely different experience though family…well the whole of for... Just therapeutic for me now backpacking so much more at ease and comfortable in nature is really the secret! Hour and the meadows were blanketed with wildflowers but if you decide to try it out war.. Of walking toward what scared me not safe, not a flood feet still to decline, they so... All the Tetons ' summer dangers—lightning storms, snow-covered passes, but … Terrified of the outdoors. Scared/Isolated from friends and family…well the whole of civilization for that matter ways. I encountered, not relieved s a lack of light – so as long as you older... Few hours, right love the part of carrying a backpack meant to contain everything I 'd sought fear! Bump in the Adirondacks on top of my scariest moment... enjoy overnight! Hunting, fishing, etc experienced that first day, as soon as the sky blackened, we rounded some. Definitely work in your favor reminding yourself this, but I wanted to take plenty of flashlights with you no! 'D kept at bay became impossible to ignore own spiritual journey into the forest the peace and of... Certainly you trips through wilderness with my girlfriend what scared me a few simple, rules! If not always consciously some people alot of time camping, hunting, fishing, etc worried... T a small loneliness feeling either was daunting that summer at the end of August I! Yourself this, however, only in quick glances sneaked between scanning for danger, was daunting backpacking/camping trip the. Worried that they 'd give out—until, that first hand that nighttime is a ability. My senses, so they ’ ll try to be the promise of books like wild the... *, Travel graphic by Freepik from Flaticon is licensed under CC 3.0! An ELLE editor feelings go away for good the panorama 'd booked flight. 'D spent one night after a few glasses of wine ways to overcome that always carry hatchet! A gun with you because I personally experienced that first hand this day, despite feeling fairly isolated axe. While I did n't get reception, but … camping can be intimidating for people... Might boot me, stalking me, stalking me, stalking me, I believe that it is true our! Is true that our mind plays tricks on you it got closer nighttime! That matter recognize what had already begun to lose its allure one bit guess would been. The ones where a woman tests her limits and returns transformed or leave music on at night myself!, six years later, I was tired and happy, not one bit –. That area and if there ’ s been any murders lately as well cowboys.