It may seem like a lot of steps, but this is a fairly quick project. This particular glass mug, which I picked up at Dollar Tree (score!) Jennifer Marx is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to In the video below, you can see exactly how from creating the stencil in Cricut Design Space, to cutting out the stencil, and finally using the stencil along with glass etching cream to apply your design to glass. some kind of frame – This is a perfect project for an old frame you don’t use anymore. Apply the transfer tape to the stencil and apply it to your glass. Your goal is to have no wrinkles or creases at the edges of the design. See my full disclosure policy to learn more. Press down on the stencil making sure that it’s fully adhered to the glass. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Smooth out a piece of vinyl big enough for your stencil onto a StandardGrip mat. Allow to dry. You're welcome and encouraged to link to or use a single image with a brief description to link back to any post. Use your weeding tool to pull out the vinyl from the letters. Use your scraper over the entire surface of the vinyl to adhere it well to your glass. I looked for similar bottles online, and these are the closest I could find. Do you want to know how to etch glass using stencils made with Cricut? Put some transfer tape on the stencil vinyl and scrape it down. Delete your original image and the leftover sliced image and your stencil is ready to cut! Want to remember this? Reusable stencils are made from slightly thicker plastic and can be cleaned and used over and over. Then continue to peel the Transfer Tape away from the vinyl. I create a lot of my vinyl Cricut projects in design space and here is a list of the different types and which vinyl to use. I made the reusable stencil using Cricut stencil vinyl. After the image is loaded into your project, make sure to size it correctly for your glass surface. *This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Learn how your comment data is processed. DIY Paper Flower Wall Art: Mason Jars & Vases, « How Do Blogs Make Money: My Income Reports, Large Wall Decal: Larger Than Mat Cricut Projects ». If the vinyl sticks to the Transfer Tape, simply burnish the vinyl onto the surface again. It’s important to try to get all the air bubbles out of the vinyl before applying the etching cream so that it doesn’t get underneath the stencil. Vinyl sayings on glass candles using Cricut: Download here ——–>> Sparkle & Shine.svg. Paint it if it’s ugly! You then just position the transfer where you want it, rub it down with either a stiff squeegee or a tongue depressor to adhere the vinyl, then gently peel off the transfer tape, leaving the … Learn how to etch glass using a stencil made with Cricut #Homemadewithlove. Leave the etching cream on for about five minutes. Not too bad! Once in place, remove the … Taking note the glass will be very very hot!! Cricut Glitter Vinyl; The Cricut Tool Set The Explore Air 2 . Welcome to day two of my Homemade with Love blog and video series! Then, “make it” on your Cricut machine, and weed your design by removing the negative spaces of vinyl. This is such a great gift for holidays, teachers, birthdays, etc! use etching cream to personalize an etched casserole dish. Check it out, because I’ll only cover two of them here. Cut your vinyl and with your weeding tool, remove the letters. Using your foam brush, apply a layer of the glass etching cream to the glass. That's it! Use transfer paper to remove your vinyl from the backing and put it on your glass. Next, I smoothed the vinyl down on the vase, making sure the sides where the etching cream was going would be well stuck to the glass. Then, cut out a piece of vinyl transfer tape that is 8″x10″ and lay down over the top of your weeded design (aka stencil). After use, you peel off the stencil and it typically can’t be used again. My Go-To Stencil Film. Note: If you are placing your vinyl decal on the curved surface of a wine glass, you WILL have wrinkles in the beginning. Prepare your work surface with some kind of protective layer (I used a plastic trash bag.) A lot of Cricut’s vinyl looks the same when rolled up. Use with caution and keep away from children and pets. Hold your glass up to a bright light and inspect the stencil to make sure there isn’t any hair or debris stuck under the design. Load the fine point blade in the machine. *For realsies! Leave the etching cream on for about five minutes. This is permanent adhesive vinyl, not heat transfer vinyl. Gently remove the transfer tape, leaving only the vinyl. Be sure to keep the centers of letters like ‘o’ or ‘e’ there. Tags: Cricut, gifts, homemade, homemade with love, Valentine's Day, Your email address will not be published. How to use Cricut Stencil Vinyl. Once all of the etching cream is gone, try to remove the vinyl while the glass is still wet. Heat Press Machine. Resource Library. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. would make a great gift for your sweetie or as groomsmen gifts. Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Use a craft stick or Cricut Scraper. Push down the vinyl well with your fingers. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Consider these posts if you’d like more info on how to cut vinyl with a Cricut machine! Apply your vinyl stencil to your glass surface, making sure there are no bubbles in the vinyl and then put on your gloves and face mask. After years of hating stencil projects because of the mess and sloppy results, I was amazed at what a game-changer Cricut’s Stencil Vinyl was. 631. Carefully adhere the stencil to the glass surface … Your email address will not be published. Peel the back off the vinyl and set the vinyl on the glass. Once the mat is loaded, the screen will tell you to press the flashing Go button. Set material to stencil vinyl in Design Space. Stick a piece of vinyl to your cutting mat, making sure the paper backing side is down. Wait about two minutes and then apply a second thicker layer. Place clear transfer tape over the stencil. Make sure to cover any of the areas that will be touched by the rinse water with masking tape to protect it from the etching cream. Then load the mat into your Cricut machine by pressing the flashing Load/Unload button. Vinyl comes in three basic categories: stencil, self-adhesive, and heat transfer (also known as T-shirt vinyl). Download here ——–>> you are enough.svg . You can tape a piece of graph paper or grid to the inside of your glass to help with alignment. I try to push down the center of the stencil first and then pull on the sides a little and lay them down. Apply your vinyl stencil to your glass surface, making sure there are no bubbles in the vinyl and then put on your gloves and face mask. Hi, I'm Jordan - a work at home mom with 3 super fun little boys and a rising country star hubby. By the way, I know it's a little difficult to see the details of the glass etching in these photos, but you've probably seen etched glass in person before. Download here ——–>> choose happiness.svg. If you know you like the way etched glass looks, you'll love creating your own designs to gift to your loved ones. The focus of this post is applying vinyl onto the curved surface of a mug, and so I’m not going into too much detail about cutting the decal. Look for the Window Cling symbol along the top of the rolls and then be sure to label it for future projects if you throw the packaging away. Next load the mat into your Cricut machine and then hit the start button. Today I'm sharing with you an awesome way to make a personalized gift: etching glass using stencils made with Cricut. You'll also want to make sure that you have vinyl gloves, and probably a face mask. Glass etching is a technique that is used to create a frosted surface over glass. Step 1 – Set material and load blade. Take the weeded design and apply it to the clean glass surface using transfer tape. If you use this tutorial to etch glass, create a stencil, or make any of the other projects from the Homemade with Love series, I'd love to see it! I was able to create my stencil in Cricut Design Space, cut it out, and etch my project all within 15 minutes. Article by eHow. To create the etching pattern in the glass we are going to use … This vinyl is specifically made for reusable stencils and is repositionable. Select both your image and the square, then hit "slice." Cricut Stencil Vinyl has an adhesive back, so once you've pressed your stencil into place, you're less likely to experience an accidental slip during the project. Using etching creams yields similar results . If you are planning to make your own stencils using a cutting machine, you can buy reusable stencil material or use regular vinyl for one-time use stencils. ! See my full disclosure policy to learn more. Now you're ready to start etching! I’m in love with my Silhouette Cameo, and I’ve used lots of different materials to make stencils for painting projects as well as glass etching: permanent vinyl, removable vinyl, Silhouette vinyl, contact paper, etc.. These can be used with any vinyl cutting machines, but my favorites are the Cricut explore air and maker. That's it for this project! I love entertaining guests and want to help you make entertaining easy! I used the Cricut vinyl that I bought from a craft store, but you could use any vinyl. How to Use Adhesive Vinyl with a Cricut. Next, while still wearing your gloves, rinse the etching cream off in your sink, making sure not to splash. I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my links. Rinse your glass item & remove the vinyl stencil; Supplies: Cheap vinyl. I wrote an entire post on the best vinyl for Cricut and Silhouette machines. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. How to Make and Use a Stencil for Etching Glass | Until next time! Carefully adhere the stencil to the glass surface by pressing firmly to smooth over the entire design. Download here ——–>> let your light shine.svg. Using an an alcohol soaked towel, wipe down your glass where you plan to place your stencil and etch. I'd like to receive the free email course.