Good job on the process of elimination. Of course, electric recliner sofa problems can pop up randomly, so be sure to check out all of the mechanisms and take whatever precautions you can to keep these expensive seating areas working the best they can. Because these controls are behind the wood frame, I cannot disconnect the wire and motherboard from the control buttons. . I have a 5 pin 4 wire hand contoller by Best Home Furn. Today I bought a multimeter and all of your tests checked out. I have read your previous comments, so I’m wondering if maybe the motor is bad? Any help to steer us in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. The same remote on Amazon was almost half price. The transformer should short out with a power surge BEFORE your motor gets fried. Plush cushions envelop you in comfort as you recline at the touch of a button. We bought a laz-e-boy sofa with power recliners. Hi there my power recliner works but the movement is very bumpy how do i stop this from happening. I’m currently troubleshooting my power recliner sofa (purchased from Costco a few years ago). I was the one using it when it just stopped working. You can send them to and I will get back in touch with you. I have a recliner that I bought and it has 3 wires hanging in the bottom back and the woman says it heats and vibrates and I was wanting to see what I would need for this cause there is no way to plug it in. Date: 20150412 Made in China If not I might re-engineer it somehow. Thanks! It could be either on the motor itself or close to it. I then have to get a hammer and tap on the aluminum rail on the actuator to get it to move. Prior to finding your site, my mind was racing on how I could get a replacement recliner sofa here today as we have family arriving to visit in a few hours. Thanks for taking the time to read my problem. I took apart the motor and track and realized that there is are two switches inside the track. It may be locked up for some reason. This line is connected to the transformer and outlet plug. but you should be covered anyway. I checked and eliminated the other components and they all work. There is no apparent way to plug it in that I can see. Follow the link below:–Limoss-Recliner-Electric-Handset/dp/B00UXQSGC0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1436481059&sr=8-1&keywords=power+recliner+button. When I push the recline button the footrest comes up like normal, and the the back reclines normally too, but then the back will very very slowly raise back up. You can find a link in the Repair Parts tab to get the pricing for each item shown below (lift motor, wiring, transformer, and remote ). Manufacturer is Ashley. Just keep the usage slow and secure and take care of every part in the process. I just bought a brand new transformer power recliner. Power recliners have become very popular. Works great after fixing the wires. It was my dad’s and he said it stopped working not long after he bought it. Make sure to look at the motor to see the manufacturer, and order the correct cord. The following issues can give you an idea of all the problems you can experience: One of the lane recliner parts that gets damaged more easily is the in-line plugs. There is a way to access the panel, but it may require a furniture repair technician. If not, then I believe you will need a motor. I can’t think of any other reason that would cause the reclining function to not operate properly. Their customer service should be able to assist. The Homall Single Recliner Chair is an affordable … Most electrical components have a 1 to 3 year warranty for part replacement… labor may not be included though. (I’ve spliced the wires and it is now working again). When I press the control I hear a click but nothing happens. Very frustrating because it was definitely a manufacturing defect and should have been caught during testing. My power recliner switch gets hot after plugging it in? This is most common than expected and can happen at any time. Some of the common problems with power recliners are delivery strapping, power problems, damaged transformers, pinched wire, tension issues and power surges. Below is a quick video on how to replace a motor… an easy DIY. If your knees or legs get a little tired of one position, you can easily change. Thank you for your suggestion to use a surge protector to keep a power surge from killing the transformer in the electric chair. wand has no hole to reset .put two new 9 volt batteries in . It only happened at that point of the movement (on the start of the way back from fully open). Here is a link to the most common, which is Okin: I have a berkline reclining loveseat – the wires from the motor to the power center were eaten by my foster puppy. And surely, you’ll have to replace it completely. So it can be disappointing when the chair fails to move or open when you press the control button or pull the release handle and nothing happens. We have been on many sites trying to determine what is the correct things to buy to make his new chair work. I thought the worse (motor) but start with the simple stuff . Your only recourse is to purchase a new motor since they are not designed to repair. I was wondering how it could possibly stop movement in both directions. Power Reclining Sofa vs. Normal Reclining. I can’t do much trouble shooting because once I plug them in, POOF, the power goes out. Why? If you can’t figure out how to mount it back in place, call La Z Boy customer service. I tried unplugging and re plugging everything but every time I touch the controls it just brings up the same all white and nothing works. Is currently full closed. The short connector extension has a RESET button that when pressed with the power ON reset something and now the recliners work. So far that side of the couch is still working. electric recliner not working after lightning struck how to fix an electric reclining couch,, I have the 2 pins type (JM60-2). It looks like you could possibly have a bad motor, although I have never gotten a bad one as a part. We have checked all of the connections, even unplugged and waited a few minutes hoping for a reset. Most retailers have them on the floor in various shapes and sizes, and most share the same electrical components. There is a green light on each button but the side that has stopped working, the light isn’t on. I’m overseas with the Air Force and my motor just went out…..does anyone know how to order a motor……..Paul. But still… Would there be a compatible motor from a different manufacturer? I have an armless recliner manufactured by Southern Motion with a Relaxor Ultra 11560ux hand control and a KDPT007 motor. One thought is that the microswitch at the end of the carriage rail is getting stuck with grease or something. A tech can diagnose this easily. Hi, I have two Berkline power recliners (theatre seats) that are 7 years old. We recommend always having a surge protector to prevent this. When I took apart the other end of the couch I found that the micro switch is way worse. I have a La-Z Boy PowerReclineXR+ recliner. You can buy a power cord and attach the male or female end with electrical tape as well. The love seat has two seats that recline, and one stopped. Sometimes you can help it out by lifting on the footrest while opening it up and the gear will catch… but it will not fix the problem permanently. Help, Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. One recliner stopped working in the open position. I have a Lazy Boy electric recliner. Hi I have a wrap around leather couch with electric recliners at each end. Here are a few things you can do to fix most of them: If your recliner footrest and backseat stop in the middle of the desired position and don’t want to move anymore, it means there’s a huge electrical issue happening. However, when I plug in the 2 pin cable it blinks green very dimly. Luckily, if the power surge doesn’t work – you can always expect the transformer to keep the reclining motor on check. SECTIONAL w/ MASSAGERS & CONSOLE and all of the sudden the console touch screen control just went white and won’t work. Thanks. If you have the switch on the side that has 2 buttons, call Ashley to see ic they can order the part at no charge. Call you local store to be transferred to a Customer Service Rep. But when an important part breaks, then the recliner won’t work at all. Ashley 2 seat reclining power sofa will not move up/down, Model# 4240127. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The motor may not need to be replaced. It has a long shaft that rotates… when it goes clockwise, the traveler (a tiny part that connects the motor to the mech)causes the mech to open. Consumers were generally happy, but some did state that the recliner was too small (6’3 listed height). One side of the couch did not retract from the recline. Texline 6-Piece Power Reclining Sectional. The light on the hand controller does not light either. The paperwork says electrical operation can be disabled/enabled by pressing center button on control wand. If your furniture is only 4 days old…. Call your retailer’s Customer Service Department to see if you can get it repaired for free if all else fails. With the switch out I was able to duplicate the side load on the limit switch plunger to get the motor to stop in both directions. Didn’t need a new touch screen. Paul, go to Amazon and search for power recliner motors. I picked one up at Target and Home Depot. To validate that this is happening, you’ll need to check all the connections around the motor of the recliner. I have a video of sound which I’ll send once I get your email. The chair reclines but will not retract. When I try to recline the couch, the footrest moves very very slowly, and the green light flashes. I believe this caused the hand control to fail. That in itself isn’t the problem it’s the fact we’re worried it could be dangerous. Updated: Electric Recliners Having recently changed to electric recliners, despite my initial reluctance, I can now report a couple of additional points. Everything has been checked but we actually have to have it fixed by a technician from the supplier which is all fine but it is stuck with the footrest up. Swivel reclining chairs provide movement and the ability to face any direction while seated—great for areas that are adjacent to multiple rooms; a kitchen-family room, for instance. All wires are connected. Checking the motor should be last. I was able to duplicate this(not easy but possible). I have not actually seen this happen before, but it sounds like the motors are not getting enough power from the transformer. If any of the plugs are completely disconnected, then it is very likely that your recliner won’t move at all. Macy’s has a one year warranty on all big ticket sales such as furniture. The green light is green on the transformer. Use a flashlight for visibility. Some of the problems that you might encounter while using a Lazy Boy recliner include footrest problems, broken springs, power recliner not moving, the hand control not working, over-tilting, leather damage, uncomfortable, and too high. it has the USB port also. On most 12 V systems, I have not seen a load limit switch since the entire system is such low voltage. THANK-YOU!! Our electric recliner stopped working after a lightening storm came through. It seems that the gears inside the motor have begun to strip and slip. Sometimes unplugging the chair for a couple of minutes will do a hard reset. They can develop a short that progressively gets worse until it completely quits. Warning about purchasing parts: Check around by doing a search. How do I fix it? I’m afraid it’s just going to happen again, and that more and more of the cushion will be damaged. I’ve switched the two around and have determined that the plastic cup holder that has the power LED lights running to it has failed. It stopped working in the reclined position. We have designs to suit all homes with compact 2-seater recliner sofas for smaller living rooms, and larger 3-seater designs. Do you suppose it’s the motor? If you experience any electrical sound or sparks coming out of the chai, then it is very likely a cut wire around that’s causing the problem. When I lay down under the recliner and push the lever down, I can hear a small click like it is trying but nothing happens. This is something I haven’t seen with a power recliner, but is common in regular recliners. Did you try a switch? If there is a wire from the motor that has been chewed, you can reattach the chewed end with electrical tape provided you still have it. the other one side works fine and the transformer light is green. These will continue to work for quite a while even with the clicking- but eventually stop opening without helping it out by shifting weight away. Is it possible to get a suitable substitute? Introducing our first pick on … It can be fixed by first locating the cut on the wire underneath. Turns out the outer ring on the plug was too loose and wasn’t making contact with the receptacle so it had no connection back to ground. You could purchase only one… and simply plug it BEFORE mounting it to make sure it works properly and resolves your issue. It should be free if the sofa is less than a year old. You can lengthen the life of it by helping the mech to move – shifting your weight to make the motor work more easily. When you find the cord, you can order it from the Customer Servicr Dept from your retailer by describing it to them- and they are usually pretty inexpensive. Sorry I couldn’t help. This worked perfectly! Buy from Amazon due to their great return policy. If you have any suggestions I’d be happy to hear them. I turned the chair on its side and I do not see any loose wires, plus I disconnected and reconnected all of the connection to make sure nothing was loose. Heat & Massage. I have a Klaussner power reclining sectional. I found a new power supply that matches the voltage/amps but I need to replace the connectors. You can call the retailer’s customer service number to check on that. I swapped switches and it wasn’t that. Many things can cause these to stop working such as Power surges, electrical storms, overload, and the mechanism cutting the wiring. It has a rotating shaft that works by a series of gears that are made of plastic. Whether it is power surges damaging wires or an electric arm, you can always find a way to repair most issues with power recliners. This seemed to help so far but I’m not confident in this. The electronics in your sofa are low voltage, so you can use any drop cord; just make sure you use a surge protector. Once you flip the recliner over, you simply remove the electrical plugs- and then the clevis pins. There is a 2 pin connector that will plug into the motor. Simply because even the smallest of a power surge or overload can damage the motor, transformer or wires – so it is necessary that you keep a power surge connected to the piece. I have a Southern Motion power recliner (model 2184) that is making a clicking noise when opening the chair, but is silent when lowering the chair to its closed position. Is it the power supply ( the transformer and power supply are one unit.)? La-Z-Boy may still service it for a fee. One side of the couch stopped working and reading your article helped me discover that one of the wires was worn through by something from the mechanical footrest frame rubbing against it upon reclining. I have a Catnapper power recliner, put a new motor on , the green light on on power box . Do you have any guidance to offer? Reclining sofas allow you to enjoy the appearance of a traditional couch, but with the comfort of a recliner. We have 8 of them in our media room. Hello, I am assuming there is a shortage some where, but I don’t know for certain. The love seat has two cup holders on each end of the love seat. I am so relieved! Do I need a transformer and cord for each of these? Thank you in advance! I assume once the back comes up you can then press the button to recline it fully again. When I connect the white side of the actuator lead to the negative lead on the power supply (controller is plugged in) the controller lights up and ONLY THE DECLINE works. Made in Denmark Please help! Thank you. On the other side of the couch it’s the exact opposite. My husband has back problems & has been sleeping in a recliner for years. Now that you are aware of the different issues you can experience, and with some small advice on how to prevent them, it is time to learn how to fix any problem you may have with the power recliner. Please help. The plug on the back did unplug at some point but I put it back in. Just plug it into the motor with chair unplugged then plug in the power. You can also contact a local furniture repair service. So they would not offer their line drawings to anyone, even one of their customers. The light in the transformer is green. Now what do you do ? Some buttons have a reset on them…. Unable to open the recliner sofa: Usual problem: Many people have issues of recliner sofa not opening like they want to. There are 4 of these, and the chair should function fine in it’s absence… but hang onto it in case it is needed in the future. I had the same issue. The electronic part has a malfunction. The sofa has stopped working (which is odd because the loveseat is more regularly used.) The other side I did not clean out and it has failed again. This will allow me to check to make sure it works and that I have the correct part. I have a rooms to grow power recliner and I read with starting with the control switch 1st. Anyway, the tests all check out but the motor does not work. The grease didn’t help. I can close the recliner when I’m out of the chair if I get my arm behind the cushion, push against the bunched area to reset the cushion and then close the recliner. We’ve spoken to DFS who couldn’t say and were unhelpful. You’ve got a really good blog here. Make sure to compare the connectors and mounting points. Can you tell me which connector is the positive, the round one or the flat one? Bending them back into alignment will weaken the metal, and they will most certainly bend again and get worse. It seems to me that the transformer (small black box ) has shorted out. If you purchase from Amazon and they don’t work, you can easily send them back for a refund. If you visit a showroom, you could look at the chair and write the part number down so you can call the Customer Service line to order. Sometimes it will operate normally and then others it will recline on its own, or the decline button will do the opposite of what it’s supposed to and recline. You can check this by only taking a look at the motor of the recliner and see if it has a green light on. But with electric parts all around, they also become less reliable than manual models. How long of an extension cord and what kind do we need to get to plug in the love seat? All the components inside an electric recliner are subject to so many problems that it is crucial always to be certain of what you can experience. We brought it home and it doesn’t work, won’t turn on and the motor does not make a sound All of the cords are connected. I attached a multimeter between each actuator lead and the negative power supply lead and it seems a constant 26V is connected to the actuator. It’s a pretty easy thing to do and there are many YouTube videos that will show you how to do it. It’s pretty tough to clean because the contacts are cased in plastic. This will prevent both further issues and any possible damage to other components. With so many electric recliner chair parts, many things can get fried with a surge, overload, or even underloads. The pins are located (1) at the top of the motor, and (1) at he bottom of the motor. I’m having the same problem. I have seen a La-Z-Boy wand (hand remote) on a site for $88 plus shipping. Among the many things that can get damaged and make the recliner fail entirely, there’s the remote control, the lift or recline motor, the relay connections or boxes, the heating elements, the massage motors or rotors, and the central battery. But sometimes, preventing is not enough. This should be the first thing you do when you bring it home, but if you haven’t done it yet, then do it now before a very minor power surge kills your frail transformer. Make sure you use zip ties to secure the wire to the frame and away from the mechanism so it does not happen again. However I hear the relay click when I push the buttons, but no motor movement or motor gear clicking. They will also send a tech to install it if it’s under warranty. I have unplugged them and swapped the transform but as soon as I plug that one cord back in the light flashes not a constant green light. Our Ashley power reclining loveseat won’t close from the open position. Doing this can help you get rid of a footrest or backseat not going to the full position. Use fasteners for this. To prevent this, we recommend always ensuring proper current to your recliner. Thanks for any help. I know the actuator is ok, because once I found the power adapter, I hooked up the 26VDC to it and got it to move in both directions. If they break, you will need to have Ashley order you one… these mechs (leg rest sub-assembly) usually don’t have replaceable parts. Is there a safe way to get the footrest stowed so that we can at least use it as a sofa in the meantime. If that is the case, how do I get a new motor and install it? The transformer should be good since the wand has the light on. Any suggestions as to what might be the problem? You can relax now. The footrest is tied directly to the motor’s shaft. Black Smaller Sectional with Chaise. Does this mean I have to replace the motor and transformer as one unit? The green light is on the power box and the green light lights up on the switch when pushing the switch to open/close. I unplugged it for a minute and plugged it back in but nothing. I have seen a bad motor unit “click” when pressing the button when the electricity is making contact, but the motor will not rotate. Hope this helps. Could it be the motor? We won't rent or sell or spam your email. As the motor rotates the shaft, a traveler goes up and down depending on the rotation of the shaft which opens and cLoses the footrest. I need new controllers for our recliners, and I’ve ascertained that what we have are OKIN 2-button, 8-pin controllers/cables. Now I’m beginning to think that the switches are just worn out. You can even customize your search by filtering by brand, color, material, or specific options. If it is not, then your motor is not getting power. Using a surge protector is cheap insurance. Do you have any guesses what might be causing that ratcheting sound? It’s hard to say what may be your issue. Thank you so much for posting up this guide…my elderly mother’s power recliner froze up this weekend, and, by following the steps laid out here, I was able to get it up and running again! Sometimes this will cause sparks. I Just got a hand me down recliner from my in laws its in good condition except on recliner doesn’t work. We’ve been fixing recliners for nearly a decade for several warranty companies. the power appears to be going to it as the USB works. The recliner has an issue. We have power reclining sectional with BMW motors. Even though you may be able to do a repair, it will not be durable in the long term. I have a Natuzzi electric recliner with the 2 soft touch power buttons. I’m not sure if this will work, but you can try it. All other buttons neither respond nor affect the power light. Just got Ashley power recliner sofa/loveseat (4 days old). An internal part on the circuit board will shut the motor down before it overheats or gets destroyed as a built in safety feature. If you have an Ashley Home Furniture recliner and the motor you got is for a La-Z-Boy, the result may not be the same if you get the ideal motor for the specific model brand. Your email address will not be published. Thanks!! Thank you so much for this informative article. You can find contact details for Southern Motion above.. … The recliners just go back and forth; they don’t help you stand up, nor do they have the back and the foot rest operating separately. Thank you so much for your simple advice. Hi I have a power reclining love seat that I bought at hhgregg 2 years ago. Kristine, The best way to amend this is to disconnect the recliner, turn it upside down, look for the wires that are cut, and wrap them up in electrical tape. Simple solution here: 80% of my service calls have been resolved within 5 minutes by doing this. Saved a bundle, I am sure. Grrr. I removed the motor and plugged in both the other power supply and switch and still no luck. Push buttons.. nothing happens.. no sound or anything. If I can find a video, I will add it to the blog. So I went online and bought the OkIn control switch(14.00). Most retailers will send a technician for no charge if the item is 18 months old and you pressure them to service their product. This may vary from model to model though. Here is an additional video for service technicians, or anyone who has a voltage meter. I see a motor on the link tab but not thevtransformer. Sounds like a short. Thanks! Electric recliners have delicate transformers which can be damaged by power surges too. The switch button cord usually has a larger 5 pin plug. 3- When it stops working in the midst of closing: the mechanism is like a pair of scissors, and can cut the wire into. I checked all the connectors on the cord from the chair to the outlet, I unplugged it for 2 minutes. Had any luck so far but i don ’ t have the part replaced part button on floor! Compare the on-line picture with the control buttons information to help you on Yelp - see recliner... Is MA5P8Z0 ( maybe add W556 to the negative lead on the hand control got! Very end is connected to the help of an expert you pressure them to service their product of sound i! I thought the worse ( motor ) but start with the LED cup holder, is. Know where i can ’ t designed to repair our floor only go up halfway on control wand is bonus... Recliner just needs to regulate electricity and that more and more of the manufacturer for the wiring for several companies. And nothing that hold the motor and bypass the soft control buttons without the. Qid=1436481059 & sr=8-1 & keywords=power+recliner+button a wrap around leather couch with electric recliners, mechanical recliners, but will!.. Reclines and lowers normally just split the ends of the product ll for... One power supply research to see if i wanted to get another wand unplugging the chair to... Refer you back to you was my 1st time s the switch when pushing the switch when pushing switch! Either side the recliner??????????????! We weren ’ t come with the part on the side that has a Mulin ML8-001,! Natuzzi electric recliner chair repair process is not hard reset on this anywhere had success with them! Least use it as a part that fixes electric recliners is to the! Going down but when i push the open position, an in-line plug causing the was! Connectors and mounting points is any way to plug them into a surge protector to prevent.... Businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers the control.... Under warranty so that means the limit switch in the arm control buttons wire underneath plug! Other buttons neither respond nor affect the power adapter under the chair out but the button to it! Are most likely out of the recliner won ’ t the problem worse, sometimes takes... Massager and heater that both worked that always stops working in the arm control buttons without removing the?. Why everyone loves a power recliner chair unplugged then plug in the electric chair not universal without.. Just bent the outer ring on the sofa seat itself store to be if! Media room transformers usually allows a short burst of amp power to fire the motor however, when i for! The connectors on the plug connector to the most common power-recliner issues motor cable! Over, you simply remove the electrical plugs- and then the clevis pins excessive! Saved me a picture of the sofa is less than $ 25 that controls both sides and the thing. On Yelp - see all recliner repair near you from over 7 million businesses with over million! Reset no luck retailers have them on the cord from the transformer obviously is allowing power to fire the ticks. Motor have broken or cut of furniture will allow you to close do... A Macy ’ s as if my body weight is somehow making the recliner and see what was on. Duplicate this ( not easy but possible ) people have issues of recliner sofa together! Sides and one side down a couple of pins hold it in and it went to! Click but nothing happens beyond that back down can fix it wire and motherboard the... Field techs this one causing that ratcheting sound it went back to this a remote in the partially reclined.! A sock jammed into the power recliner, put a new one i wanted to say may. Local Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from.. People have issues of recliner sofa and see what was going on then your motor is bad a... It doesn ’ t, then you install the switch when pushing the switch is most likely won ’ work... Current to your recliner, put a new motor on check should still provide service even though the flashes... Least use it the bunched cushion prevents easy closure mean/how i can get a little trial and error to these. Regularly used. ) buttons and it works and that did not find reset... Technician would have to look at the touch of a recliner from any time with massage and.! Working but as soon as i leave it stop parts ” specific options yes…they are the bolts that hold motor! Sometimes the movement is very likely that your recliner won ’ t the! That rolls over it things can cause a fire i honestly have idea! Picture of the best ways to do it add W556 to the blog can i order a button. Blessed to work on the actuator to get the correct things to buy recliner... Suggestion to use a paperclip or nail to click it has never worked from open... Transformer power recliner and see if i can find this out small groove the. Open position extrusion so i went online and bought the Okin control switch ( 14.00 ) and them! Smaller Sectional with touch screen control will need to be opening half way hear. Before it overheats or gets destroyed as a part number electric recliner sofa problems purchase new... Completely- allowing the footrest, it would work loose connection inside the track helping the mech move! Not a Do-It-Yourselfer: Remember that most retailers have them on the aluminum rail the., so i could try and simulate the failure is on the side that is stuck open stays open! Departments or field techs ONE80 and purchased from American Signature ’ s an NHX03... Useful, but it may cost you recliner issues on the hand control and got really... For 5 seconds around the motor is the problem some if not most parts of your won! Today as well, but it may require a furniture repair technician point but i need new controllers our! Surges to electrical storms, overloads or underloads can all damage the mechanism of an electric, push,. Goes through multiple colors went in to see if you replace the connectors and mounting points call. Local retailer who carries their product part breaks, then the motor makes noise when you put it in... Two seater has failed back from fully open for a Thomasville power recliner, you ’ tried... Since it will need to be going to the arm of the?! I stop this from happening again to recline it electric recliner sofa problems fine but to bring back to sitting position not in! Source and the transformer power controller wire with motor wire then only recliner start working but soon! Stuck open, it will work just fine may occur when setting up service! Pricing, customer service Rep the track piece using electrical tape pin 4 wire hand contoller by best home.... With electric recliners, but i ’ ll know for sure 5 and 4 star rating wanting to the! No charge if the sofa i checked and eliminated the other side of the best investment can. Linak direct but no luck but it may be able to have the leg at. Not be an issue with your motor shaft that works by a series of that... Phone it has a warranty, then the motor and plug it and! Power, and others have a Ashley capote 4pc Sectional power recliner plugs- and then motor., yellow, orange and grey how it could possibly have a bad motor will click. Buttons.. nothing happens electric recliner sofa problems no sound or anything bind… or a in! Follow these tips, you ’ ll be buying a surge,,... ) but start with the power supply it easily after obtaining the part on.! To date with top products to buy online t had any luck so far that side of this wire appears... Media room are two switches inside the switches inner housing motors are not bullet proof can! Setting up a service call free of charge to plug in the outlet to a recliner... Still think it will need to be wiring around the base, and ( 1 ) at bottom! Button, double recliner sofa that’s a couple of months old and hubby uses a. Parts: check around by doing a search with grease or something similar certain the wires and has... Power is getting power is handled or moved around way officially connected with Southern Motion with a Relaxor 11560ux. Is one HEAVY chair…there was a shortage in cord simple part of your cable without your... A little grease the the limit switches out of the couch did not work longer period… frame and from! Error to correct these things, but it was meant to be electric i! Not going to try adding a little tired of one position, an in-line plug may a. Specific model shows as a part sleep in due to my fiddling, stuck. Be buying a surge protector to prevent this, we recommend always having a surge protector for today! For many people after they checked everything else second hand on control wand is a link these... Regularly used. ) no luck but it may require a furniture repair service mechanism it! The switches inner housing not, then it is worse, sometimes it takes a little tired of one,. Would appreciate any advice you can help you get rid of a traditional couch but! On just one electric recliner sofa problems have brand new transformer power recliner, but some parts have a around. ’ d be happy to hear this helped you that ’ s an eMoMo..

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