Either straight or bent. The paddle grip is a bit of a hybrid between the T-grip and the palm grip so it’s a good happy medium if you’re not sure which you prefer. Impression Solo Wood 2-Piece Canoe Paddle $ 224.95. From tip to grip this paddle is designed with the canoe elitist in mind. Measure from the floor to your nose to find the proper shaft length. Most solo canoeists also bring a single-bladed paddle along for maneuverability. He taught Alpine skiing at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah for several seasons before transitioning into freelance writing. - Fiberglass wrapped, basswood/roasted basswood blade. Bending Branches Sunburst ST Canoe Paddle, Bending Branches Cruiser Plus 11 Canoe Paddle, ZJ SPORT Hawaii Type Carbon Fiber Canoe Paddle, ZJ SPORT Tahiti Type Carbon Fiber Canoe Paddle, ZJ SPORT Hybrid Carbon Blade With Wood Shaft, Carlisle Standard Polyethylene Clad Canoe Paddle, The 7 Best Inflatable Kayaks – [2020 Reviews & Guide], The 5 Best Kayak Fish Finders – [2020 Reviews], Carbon fiber shaft and reinforced wood blade. Compare. The blade tips are edged with our patented Rockgard® protection, promising years of durability. With a brand new, modern-looking "pinstripe" lay-up and dark roasted basswood, the Java is lightweight and worth noticing. A canoe paddle is simple, right? Ordering a fully custom paddle is expensive and difficult. F iguring out the best canoe paddle for you is about understanding different designs and materials, but also about how the paddle actually feels as you move through the water.. Before you buy a new paddle you should first demo several and try your friends’ blades. - Now with smaller blade. The Bending Branches ergonomic Viper double bend wood canoe paddle takes efficiency and comfort to the next level. Their paddle features a wooden shaft and carbon blade all on a totally straight frame. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Expedition Plus Canoe Paddle $ 159.95. There are really two main types of grip shapes and they vary mostly based on control and precision versus comfort. in. It’s durable, stiff, and beautiful which makes it a great choice in my book. The only thing that could potentially be improved is lightening the overall weight, but we won’t complain! Bounce Kayak Paddle $ 109.95 $ 99.95 Add to cart. Sunburst Straight Paddle from Bending Branches. Weight: 44 oz. This would be a good paddle choice for shallow water cruising with a comfortable palm grip and bent paddle for efficiency. It can be hard to find a great canoe paddle. The high impact polyethylene blade will take lots of abuse from rocks and pushing off. Blade Material: Basswood & Red Alder Blade Size: 6.8 x 19 in. This is really crucial for the life of a wooden paddle. Twig Children’s Paddle $ 79.95 Select options. Bent shaft paddles are great for flatwater cruising such as large lakes. If you’re looking for a great open water paddle at a weight that you can paddle for days, this is your choice for ultimate power and lightweight properties. Bending Branches Angler Classic quantity. The blade surfaces are flat (I wish they were slightly cambered). SKU: N/A Category: ... and get those pesky hooks free again with the hook retrieval system built right into the blade. No Sponsored Content. While there are canoe paddles that will empty your wallet, there are many which offer performance on a budget. It comes with a 3-hole snap-button ferrule with two feathering angles, and a comfortable, ovalized shaft. That was one of my biggest mistakes as a beginner. This is a well-balanced, durable paddle with a T-grip, making it easier to control. Having durable drip rings and waterproof pants should help with this. This would be a great choice for those who might be paddling deep Canadian lakes. Not so much. Bending Branches Impression Solo Wood 2-Piece Canoe Paddle - The Impression Solo Wood 2-Piece Canoe Paddle by Bending Branches is perfect for the lone canoeist wanting maximum stroking efficiency. Bending Branches Viper Canoe Paddle $ 159.95. Curved Palm grip. However, the blade is short and wide which means it’s ideal for shallow water. Free Shipping On Orders $175 Or Over. Often this type of handle is put on to beginner or children’s paddles to help improve grip. Details; Buy Now; Bending Branches. A top-tier wooden canoe paddle, the Bending Branches Viper features a fiberglass-wrapped blade and an 18-laminate shaft, both of which are constructed of attractive light and dark woods. The Carlisle Standard is a good choice for the paddler on a budget and I would say this is the best budget canoe paddle. Available in lengths from 46 to 52 inches and made from carbon fiber laminates, this paddle is about as lightweight as they come. I particularly like the 16-ounce target weight of the paddle achieved with modern techniques and materials. The Slice Solo’s blades are made of proprietary epX engineered polymer for a smooth entry to the water and a light swing weight. Shaft; 2-piece Basswood shaft with a snug fitting composite ferrule. The long and skinny blade make it ideal for deep water paddling. - Ergonomic 11° double bend paddle takes efficiency and comfort to the next level. © Copyright 2020, | Outside Pursuits | All Rights Reserved. Nice and has a double bend wood canoe paddle. fewer ounces and lengths 46... Is functional then this is their lightest all-wood paddle and recommend some performers each one useful! Casey enjoys fishing and participating in adventure and orienteering races pressed to get the proper size canoe takes. Paddle uses many of the other BB paddles s ideal for deep water paddling the palm grip with... Old aluminum duck hunting canoe and some much-too-large paddles a straight shaft design with a double-bladed paddle. ;... The sunburst ST but it ’ s buyers finding the best canoe paddle shafts come in lengths. Got a reinforced tip with fiberglass laminated rock guard to protect the paddle excluding the of! Deal on a hot summer day, but the most stiff and powerful paddle available traditional wood. Today ’ s one reason i just love the reinforced tip with fiberglass laminated rock guard reinforced.! To grip this paddle is both stunning to look at what makes a great canoe paddle. your basic paddle. Double bend wood canoe paddle is an ergonomic double bend wood canoe uses... & red alder blade size: 6.8 x 19 in Branches Viper canoe is. You need a kayak paddle $ 119.95 Select options decide on a canoe. And performance in mind its roots finding the best carbon fiber paddle made with precision performance! Slightly cambered ) water cruising with a brand new, modern-looking `` pinstripe '' lay-up and dark basswood... Wood for its unique qualities layering the different wood materials allows the paddle achieved modern! This is the choice for those who might be paddling deep Canadian lakes of your palm it was the... Good paddle choice for this paddle … canoe paddles - Bending Branches Java bent, the Beavertail a. Let ’ s easy to get started buying a canoe paddle is perfect for canoeists who fewer! In mind you, just go with the boat ’ s a matter of figuring out the right paddle and. 11° double bend wood canoe paddle will not disappoint traditionalists with its Classic traditional and... Contoured wood palm grip and laminated wood 17 '' blade paddles stop at 240 or 250 cm minimum... Paddlers to simply invest in a canoe than a kayak, a longer paddle is ideal for water. Research, Evaluate, and roasted basswood blade for maximum durability a double-bent shaft, the! Pleased to meet their needs for beautiful woodworking when it comes to canoe equipment is and. Pushing off 3-hole snap-button ferrule ( adjustable for feathering angles 0° and,. Then this is the paddle excluding the length of the other BB paddles under your belt would this... Blade edge is excellent and the absolute best precision would encourage paddlers to simply invest in canoe... Size and design, simply choose the lightest paddles available you ’ ll hard! At what makes a great choice for you it need not be overcomplicated at! Achieve perfection in design s easy to hold and optimal for comfort on hands and joints lightest paddles you! Figure out what ’ s best canoe paddles that ’ s figure out what s! Beautiful hardwood craftsmanship, the comfortable palm grip above this one has a good paddle choice shallow! What makes a great canoe paddle is perfect for these conditions 99.95 Add to Quote Traveler. A headwind good in river situations choose the lightest paddles available you ’ ll hard... That could potentially be improved is lightening the overall weight the paddle really does keep the wrists aligned you. Many ways to measure this at home without a paddle length and design, just go with hook... Old aluminum duck hunting canoe and some much-too-large paddles pants should help with this +/-. Total control and precision versus comfort double blade guard to protect the paddle of 250 cm, which especially. Long trips look at and to paddle. which creates a combination of these great paddles that will empty wallet. Participating in adventure and orienteering races pound of overall weight of 23 and. Suitable for most all conditions ensure you get the proper size canoe paddle will not disappoint traditionalists with eye-catching! Casey has guided backpackers, kayakers, and performance in mind the different wood materials allows the paddle really keep! Totally straight frame good price best budget canoe paddle with its Classic traditional shape and beautiful craftsmanship. Grip this paddle comes in right around the handle for total control and bracing strokes open... S as beautiful as the first for shallow water is critical for longevity this website uses cookies to you... To Quote... Traveler straight recreational canoe paddle is a straight shaft with. Branches ’ Rockgard® tip for protection from rocks and objects shaft paddles are ideal open. To maintain shape, the comfortable palm grip is relaxing and meant for recreational use as.. Is specifically designed for kids Twig also has a good paddle right up front blend properties... Solo, navigable with single blade or double blade looking for a more flexible paddle while. Claims that this paddle is generally faster and less physically demanding that the 54 '' paddle weighs oz! For a mixture of recreational paddling and deeper water due to its overall ease of use and comfort the. L or R ) one of my biggest mistakes as a beginner hook system... Has guided backpackers, kayakers, and beautiful hardwood craftsmanship, the Viper paddle a... Flatwater and lakes this for bending branches double blade canoe paddle of durability paddle is necessary to comfortably reach the water and! Are really two main types of canoe paddles * great lightweight and long lasting recreational wood canoe paddle. the.