In spoken conversation, a stand-in for scare quotes is a hand gesture known as air quotes or finger quotes, which mimics quotation marks. -- Viscount Hugh M. Trenchard, 1946 . The development of air power in its broadest sense, and including the development of all means of combating missiles that travel through the air, whether fired or dropped, is the first essential to our survival in war. Air quotes are a form of body language and gesturing, usually paired with an accompanying word or phrase that is meant to imply a different meaning to the words or phrase being used. Like “People today have forgotten they're really just a part of nature. A similar form in print are called scare quotes, where a word is placed in quotation marks to cast doubt on the way the word should be interpreted.An example of the scare quote could be something … Explore 1000 Air Quotes by authors including Henry Rollins, Alexander Pope, and Christopher Marlowe at BrainyQuote. Definition of air quotes in the dictionary. air quotes A hand gesture done when speaking to draw attention to a particular statement or indicate that it was someone else's words or that one is skeptical or critical of its use (similar to scare quotes in print media). A speaker may alternatively say "quote" before and "unquote" after quoted words, or say " quote unquote " before or after the quoted words, [25] or pause before and emphasize the parts in quotes. International air freight usage is growing slowly, with less than 1% growth in 2015 among the world’s top freight forwarders, according to Transport Intelligence. Information and translations of AIR QUOTE in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. tags: air, morphine, refreshing. "’ ‘You've no idea how embarrassing it is to have to use air quotes when describing what kind of "conservative" I am not to acquaintances.’ What does air quotes mean? Air freight quotes are relatively simple because they include all surcharges offering clients an all-in price. Definition of AIR QUOTE in the dictionary. Bombardment from the air is legitimate only when directed at a military objective, the Are international air freight quotes and air freight prices changing? Tags: air quotes, expressions, grammar, grammar lessons, irony, quotation marks, writing lessons Quotation marks are used for speaking most of the time, but they are also used for the classic air quotes , an annoying habit if ever there was one. What does AIR QUOTE mean? Meaning of AIR QUOTE. Meaning of air quotes. There are, as well, other different charges depending on the destination or the service required: general cargo, valuable cargo, dangerous goods, priority cargo and others Quotes tagged as "air" Showing 1-30 of 243 “A little morphine in all the air. Air Element Symbolism & Meaning The Element of Air is a powerful teacher and divination tool. Information and translations of air quotes in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. 152 likes. Air Quotes. It would be wonderfully refreshing for everyone.” ― D.H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley's Lover. In Western Esoteric and New Age traditions the entirety of the world’s energy has five associated elements, namely Earth , Air, Fire , Water and Spirit (aka Aether or Ether) . ‘They are, in a word, (air quotes) "AC / DC," if you know what we mean.’ ‘When last we left these two chaps, they were discussing (air quotes) "high energy dance music in prison.